Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Gifts that Jessica gave to Myolie :)

Me with the "Yan Yan" pictures. Lol.

Myolie & Me =)

Noelle & Me with the "Fung Yan" picture. Haha, she holding "Yan's" picture, I'm holding "Fung's" picture. Haha..

Memories of this year...

Pictures added on 22/1/09

Grace : Arh!!! Naughty Ling ling, I'm going to beat u.

Jessica : Grace, I help u.

Ling ling : I'm innocent...

Jessica, Me & Grace :)

Ling ling to Grace : This is for u.

Grace to Ling ling : Thank you so much. I like the rose a lot.

** For all the lines that I wrote, it is not real. It's al created by me. **

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