Saturday, 7 February 2009

Today wake up at 8.20 to prepare things as I'm going out to study with Ting hui & Bao kun. I meet Ting hui at 9 at bukit batok mrt station then go mac to eat breakfast. After eating breakfast, we went to Jurong library to study. Surprisingly, today the library was quite empty. Haha, then Bao kun came at around 10.30 so we started to do our work. Before Bao kun come, me and Ting hui saw Isabelle. OMG, I can't recognise her. Lol... After we finish doing our work, we went to around to shop. Hahaha... Ting hui say that I shop very slow cuz when we were in a shoes shop, Ting hui finish walking the whole shop, then I'm still at half of the shop. So, Ting hui say that next time if I got boyfriend, he must be very patient. Hahahahaha... Lol... Then later we went to popular, but something happen when we go to popular. Haha, me and Ting hui was shocked. Lol... Cuz when we go popular, I ask Ting hui she never saw before Bosco's album rite, then she say yes. So I bring her to see ( she's Bosco's fan ). Then later we saw Fung's album. Surprisingly, CD rama sells Malaysia version, then I was discussing with Ting hui abt it. Then suddenly, got a guy say " zhen1 de4 ma1?" Then we got shock and we look. Guess who it is? Haha, it's Mr Ho. Hahahahaha.... Then we ask Bao kun to come. Hahaha.... And Bao kun really "good". Lol... Cuz when me and Ting hui was "arguing" with Ting hui on who is much more handsome ( well, I dun nid to say we argue over who V.S who. Haha) Then Ting hui ask Bao kun to come. Then Ting hui ask Bao kun who is more handsome ( Fung & Bosco ). Then Bao kun look at the album cover for awhile and point Fung. OMG!!! Hahahahaha.... I was so happy to hear that. Lol... Then later I show Ting hui Myolie's album. Then after that, Ting hui left at 1.35 then me and Bao kun went to IMM. Haha, we were so funny went we go to Daiso. Me and Bao kun keep playing with the sunglasses. Haha, we try out different design. And once again, I'm not fit to wear spects. OMG!!! When I wear the black sunglasses, Bao kun say I look like spy. Lol..... Hahaha, then after that, we left IMM at 4 plus and Bao kun went to JP to meet someone.

Ok, I'll stop here. Haiz... Very tired. And woo... Selena's birthday is coming up in 5 days time and Valentine's day is coming up in one weeks time. Haha... Counting down to Selena's birthday...

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