Saturday, 14 February 2009

Today went out to study with Ting Hui. As usual, wake up at 8.20 to prepare.Then later at 8.50 ++ went to take MRT to bukit batok to meet with ting hui for breakfast. Lol... Today at mac, we saw lots of the student from our school as there is chem remedial for 4E3 & 4E5. Then we saw Cheng Ying. Lol... Stupid Cheng Ying go make me. Earlier on I saw Caroline. She was eating with her. After having breakfast, we went to MRT station to take MRT to Jurong. Haha, recently, I find that the library have very few ppl. Then m and Ting Hui studied there till 12 plus then we left. After we left the place, we went to shop. Lol... Actually not really shop, but is to look for shoes. But ended up I bought a pair of it. Hahaha... Then later went to popular to buy things and then went to westmall.

Ting hui and me =)

Today is valentine's day, so I hereby wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I shall end my post here.

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