Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Time really passes through very fast. It was 7th April, and it have been 1 month since I last saw Fung in Singapore. Woo... Lots of things to do in the month of April. SYF, submission of F&N O level coursework part A, speech day... Waa... Really no break at all. But nvm, I'll just chiong for this year and after O level, I'll be having 1 month ++ break. Haha.... It's like finally, it's a real break for me. No holiday assignment, no nothing. And what I'll do everyday? Hmm... Watch show? Read books? Go out with friends? Go out with my family? Go overseas for holiday? Wahaha... But speaking abt going out with my family, it's been 1 year since I last go out with them together? I can't really rmb how long, but I know it's very very long time ago. Because this year was a super busy year for me. But I promise I'll make up these time to them :)
Now, month of April, 3 more months to O level oral and exactly 3 more weeks to mid year exam. Is like... OMG!!! I haven't even revise anything yet. All I do is find teacher to ask question. Die man... And the due date to submit the coursework is coming soon. And I still haven't finished. Looks like I'll have to stay back or go Amnda's house to do. Well, I guess I'll just have to work on the rate that I'm doing my coursework. Tmr submitting the draft to Mdm Ratna. Yeah, is draft ONLY. Because I dunno whether I'm correct or not, so have to let her check.

I shall stop here now. Have to do maths homework (extra question), study for F&N test and Vocab test...

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