Thursday, 14 May 2009

Finally, after a few days, today finally can go into deep sleep. I was taking afternoon nap today cuz I'm super tired. Just now was a bit too high liao. Lol... Cuz Fung's concert theme song and the MV for the song is out. Heard that this song will be those fast type. Arh!!! I want the song. And now arh, I starting to feel a bit regret why must my O level fall on this year? Haiz... Cuz the more I read the news abt the concert, the more I feel like going. If no O level this year, I'll make sure that I go for the concert. Sob.... I feel like going.... And today saw the news saying that at the concert, Fung will sing his new song in his 3rd album. So I hope that the album can release before his concert.
Nvm, shall not think of going to the concert. The more I think of it, the more I feel like going... Lol. Nvm shall wait for the DVD to be out, which is higher chances they might release. Once it's release, I'll buy it :)
I shall end my post here.

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