Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Finally, after waiting for 1 moth plus, I finally know my result for the LCCI level 1 paper. I got credit for the paper. OMG, I was so happy when I know the result. Because at first, I thought I'll failed the paper because I never study petty cash book. But now, I feel so relieve. So much abt good news, now comes the bad news.

Today just did my combine science practical. OMG!!! Whole practical is gone. When I was doing the practical, my hand was shaking. Lol... Haiz... When I was doing my physics, I measure the angle wrongly. Idiot, I suddenly forget the correct way of measuring cuz my mind went blank. Refraction experiment confirm die. Then as for chem, one of my experiment I think I do too slow, then the gas escape. End up I observed nothing. Stupid.

Forget it, shall not think too much, still need to reserved my energy for revision at night. My geog is like... when I read the notes, I cannot get the information into my head, and T haven't even touch my POA yet. Siao liao... And physics is on friday. Faint... Some of the topic I still dunno. Siao liao... Really is like so jia lat. But nvm, after mid year, I promise that I will work very hard during June holiday. I'll get back the time I lost in March holiday.

I shall stop here now. Have to offline soon and start to revise my work.

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