Saturday, 15 May 2010

Today went out with Qiong min after her school. Meet her at around 4 plus and went to the 婚嫁馆 at North Canal road. We went there to take a look abt those wedding things, is like... Wow... I didn't know that for the dowry, it contains so many items. Cuz when I saw it during wedding, it's like very little. Then the staff there said that it's the full set. If we dun want, we can just choose those important stuffs. When we were looking at the things there, I told qiong min that 原来结婚的时候需要这么多东西,有这么多习俗。Haha... xD

After we left the place, we actually wanted to go fast food restaurant to have our dinner but on the way, there's a restaurant which just opened, then they ask us to try, so end up qiong min and I have our dinner by the river side. The scenery is really nice. I was telling qiong min, the place like so romantic. LOL...

After our dinner, we walked all the way to Marina Bay sand. OMG!!! Both of us walk until out leg paon and very tired. Tonight it seems very humid, cuz when we were walking, there's no breeze at all... Sian... End up both of us keep perspiring...

FINALLY, we reaeched Marina Bay sand... WAA... My god! That place is like SUPER big. The casino look so grand. Of course I didn't went in, both of us stood outside to look at it. Then later we went to the shopping centre. OMG!!! There got SUPER lots of branded goods. Gucci, Chanel, LV, Jimmy choo, Tiffany & co. , Armani exchange, Emporio armani, burberry, bread & butter, timberland and many many more. And for Chanel & LV, they have 2 storeys for the shop. When we go around to explore some more, we came to the expo & convention centre of Marina Bay sand. OMG!!! The place is SO big. Both me and qiong min saw it we went "WAA..." LOL... xD

After we finish "exploring" the place, we wanted to go to the MRT station, but arh, we nearly got lost when walking to the mrt station. LOL... Damn jia lat. After asking other ppl, we FINALLY reacxhed the mrt station. Saw hwee koon when we were taking train home. I cannot recognise hwee koon only until qiong min say hwee koon over there, then I turn.

Woo.... Today is really very tired, but fun day. Shall post again.

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